K-Jetronic and L-Jetronic

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KE-Jetronic: combined K-Jetronic and electronic, has adapted q electrohydraulic flow injection engine operating states enriching or impoverishing the mixture, q as phase regulator has not warming, has engine temperature probe, gas butterfly switch and potentiometer in q flowmeter determines position plate probe. L-Jetronic: fully electronic, intermittent and simultaneous injection, the volume is measured by d paddle-tube flowmeter, fuel is metered by electromagnetic injectors, distributor dosificador.El not own fuel is sent from tank via a ramp filter d through d injection pump, pressure regulator maintains the pressure in auxiliary injector has d rampa.Se cold start and log d extra air in slow motion, has Gas butterfly switch, engine temperature sensor and wealth lambda-probe mixture. Fuel Pump:hydrodynamic cell type od d rollers, rotation produces trawling induced d d d impeller fins fitted holes whose fuel is deposited through d dragged from input to output. Fuel Filter: q porous paper retains impurities and retains a sieve particles q is q off. Regulator pressure: pressure keeps pouring ramp to 3b to deposit surplus fuel is membrane type and consists d d q metallic body formed in two chambers separated by a membrane with attached valve for bottom with depression d muelle.membrana pipes. Injectors : Electromagnetic commanded by uce, dump fuel in each collector tube d, d before admission valve, spray, not dosed fuel opening pressure: 3.5 b, inserted by pressure. Flow d air: air filter located between gas and butterfly bases its funcionameinto in measuring force exerted on the current palette-d air tube, passing through flowmeter voltage generated by the potentiometer, the palette shifts with probe inlet air flow, provides compensation butterfly avoids q q d pressure waves created in collector position change sonda.dispone palette probe to correct fuel volume injected, the voltage on potentiometer position commands palette-probe fed 5v.

LH-Jetronic: Use air flowmeter d d d hot wire type, consisting of ring, a hot wire and a resistance, works according to principle d constant temperature, the thread is part d d bridge circuit whose voltage is 0 d heating current varies as q runs. MONO-MOTRONIC: single point, d q combined injection and ignition system, has the drive called d d injection or throttle body, has d pressure regulator with return to tank and butterfly d gases, a za empl in pipes, has a electroinyector unique and fuel is supplied by collector cylinder d admission. has idling regulator or stepper motor. It has air temperature probe and potentiometer d d butterfly.Probe has temperature regime d d motor rotation by impulses located collector distributor. Lambda probe has to correct mixture according oxygen. The pump is submerged in the vessel.

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