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The crazy shepherdess

Five year agosto,  I was in Fresno de rio tiron, a small town located between la rioja eta burgos. Every night after dinner all young children went out to play until we fell asleep.One day, othe teenagers of the twon said to us that in the old house of the squar lived a crazy shepherdess with her two brothers. In fact, they told us also that the shepherdess had killed her mother accidentally.

One night when the shepherdess was sleeping, we decided to ring her doorbell and we ran away.Nothing it happened, nobody went out of that house and we didn't hear any voice.Then, we tried again and now we had picked in a orchard pums to throw them against the window.

Suddenly, one of the brothers threw from the balcony a firecracker behind the wall where we were hidden.While we were running towards our houses shepherdess followed us with a stick.Finally, all the children arrived to their houses healthy and safe.

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