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DIODE RECTIFIER: The construction is based on the PN junction and its main application as rectifiers. Diodossoportan Such high temperatures up to 200 º C in the union. | | USES: aliementacion sources, x-ray machines, electron microscopes.

DIODE 1N4007: max current driving (Io) = 1 A, repetitive reverse voltage max (Vrrm) = 1000 V, reverse voltage rms (Vrms) = 700 v.

ZENER DIODE: a diode is designed to work in inverza polarization. | | USES: voltage regulator, voltage stabilizer and voltage trimming. | | COMMERCIALLY: 2 is manufactured from 200 V approx. | | EXAMPLES DZ.: 1N4745, 16 V / 15mA, 1N4742 12V / 21 mA.

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