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The mP. P is an integrated circuit or chip whose function is to interpret and execute operations sofware.estas q indicates the operations are stored in memory in the form of dl team instructions together with the q evolution operar.La these have d mP has degu dl d moore law, No transistor chip d x doubles every 18 months rule also applies to the rate at q does. Because the mP aq Intel and AMD have a different package, the motherboards are different for ambos.exixten different manufacturers: vis, sis, amd, ati, intel, nvidia overclocking. mP dl speed (internal clock or watch sistma d) is obtained by multiplying a base off frequency multiplier sigen connectors all the noma with updates atx connector feeding can be ATX, atx2, atx2.2 to connect these connectors on the motherboard, there is only one correct way and not otherwise enters qd because of the way the holes dkeyboard connector mini din 6 female mouse agujeros.conector lleba the same type minidin conexsion.norma lleba atx keyboard / lilac, mouse / d verde.Los IC sockets sockets d ram memory ram memory in current computers can be classified into: DIMM (modulo double line memory d) q is d 168-pin, for sdram, 184 for the DDR and Rambus, DDR2-240 contacts connectors d ddr3 serial and parallel ports. the USB serial port (universal serial bus) caracteristecas version 1: Speed 1 , 5Mbps to 12Mbps for superior peripheral, you can connect shaft 127; segmenos d cable 5m pole, 4 wire (+5 v and ground, data-and data +) 90U impedance and are used in keyboard, mouse, etc., are pug and play, there are a hub for connecting multiple output.'s version 2.0 achieves speeds up 480Mbits/s.el d IEEE 1394 is another serial port similar to USB but greater speed, efficiency and stability, the mostly used type d Peripherals professional. controladoras d hard chipset.mediante usually come with a flat cable connecting the various units d diskettes and hard disk or cd-rom.las motherboards today usually include 1 floppy connector 2 IDE connectors and q are often enhanced type d idee Also known as fast or ultra-ata-ata, to connect 4 units; security through passwords, d power management to reduce consumption, smart, warns certain types d d impending failureATA interface is a system q d storage devices connected to the motherboard dl PC via a cable d d d data transmission at speeds reaching series d 3Gbps (SATA 300) is considered a substitute dl ata.el ata is scheduled to internal and external devices . d transmission speed (133MB / s) is achieved with ultra ata q dma133 uses 80 wires cable connector d 40.ata ah ora distinguilo called the sata pata pa.

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