How does kidney help homeostaticos

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ADH     The water content of the blood is controlled by a hormone calledADH(anti-diuretic hormone). Different amounts of ADH are released into the bloodstream according to the concentration of theblood plasma.
The nephron   Urine is produced in microscopic structures in the kidney callednephrons. Each kidney contains around a million nephrons.
The kidney     The inner part of the kidney is called the medulaand the outer part is the cortex A renal artery carries blood to the kidney and a renal vein carries it away. The ureter carries urine from the kidney to the bladder.
Urine     Urine contains water,ureaand salts. Urea is produced in the liver when excessamino acids are broken down. It is the main waste product removed in the urine.
Lungs    Excess carbon dioxide and some water vapour are removed through the lungs when humans breathe out.
Kidneys   Thekidneysare organs of theurinary system - which removes excess water, salts and urea.
Human excretory organs   The organs of excretion in humans include the skin, lungs and kidneys.
Skin     Sweat glands in theskinproducesweat. The water in sweat helps to keep the body cool in hot conditions, and it contains salts and urea.

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