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agencies-evaluate business operation under the regulatory legislation.Reseraches-use in their research work.Present investors-position progress and prosperity.Potential- decide wether invest in their bussiness.Creditors-principal and interest thereof will be paid in when due.Government and tax authorities-earnings in order to assess the tax.Owners-know the profitabiliaty and financial soudness of the business.Management- to take prompt decisions to manage the business eficiently.Employees and trade unions-form judgement. ASSESTS-cash,bank,accounts payable-money owned to the business for goods or services provided to customers on credit.,notes receivable,supplies,-raw materials inventory,prepaid expenses.FIXED ASSETS,office equipment,equipment,transportattion,buildings.LIABILITIES-amonut of money owed to another person or organizations, accounts payable,notes payable, LONGTERM LIABILITIES, notes payable, mortgages.

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