King arthur

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England (London) red rose / st george 

Celebrations: Guy Fawkes night // April fool's day (jokes) 
Iconic places: stonehenge, hardian's wall, cathedral, liverpool, lake district, white cliffs of dover..
10, Downning street 
Margaret tathcher, princess diana..
Scotland (Edinburgh) thistle or scottish bluebell (st andrew 30nov
Haggis, porridge, shortbread, aberdeen angus beef and salmon.
Edinburgh, scottish higlands, glasgow and aberdeen (city) // Loch ness monster, dolly the sheep
Robert bruce, william wallace, alexandre bell
Highland games
Celebrations: hogmanay // burns night
H. Mountain : ben nevis
Ireland (Dublin) shamrock / st patrick 17march
Irish stew, tea
Gaelic football / hurling
Belfast, lakes of killarney, blarney castle, the giant's causeway, dublin trinity college, round towers (rode of cashel / Glendalought)
Mary Robinson, Bob Geldof, Samuel Becket
Leprechauns / celtic legends
 Wales daffodil and the leek / st david 1march
Sheep, welsh rarebit, bara brith(cake)
Eisteddfod (meeting)
Swansea, snowsonia..
Henry morgan, dylan thomas, catherin Z jones
King arthur, brawen

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King arthur