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Argument King Lear: King Lear, for her older daughters, Goneril and Regan, divides his kingdom between them, while disinherit Cordelia, the youngest, who really loves him and does not want to deceive you with flattery. The sweet Cordelia, married the King of France, has to leave the parental home. For its part, Regan has married the cruel Duke of Cornwall and Goneril with another ambitious, the Duke of Albany, both driven by their husbands, soon tired of the old King Lear and begin to find a bad temper, short trial strong, cheeky and nuts; despise causing enormous pain of King Lear, which he believed to have a refuge in the home of her daughters. And there comes a day when I get kicked out of the palace, amid a severe storm, so it has to stay in a field, although he was not alone, there were with him the Earl of Kent in disguise, with Edgardo well disguised, the latter a beggar, and his former jester. Parallel Lear's daughters move to the palace of the Earl of Gloster. These, together with the Duke of Cornwall and informed by Edmundo, draw the eye to be faithful Gloster Earl King Lear. When the Duke of Cornwall eyes out to the Earl of Gloucester, he kills a servant of the Duke of Cornwall and Regan and a widow. The tenderness of Cordelia to learn the facts, the moves to run alongside the old order to be protected. But the troops of his new kingdom are defeated before the troops commanded by her sisters and Edmundo, and both fall into their hands. King Lear and Cordelia are sentenced to death for Edmund, without taking into account the views of the Duke of Albany, who was aware of all the misdeeds of Edmund, for this the Duke of Albany upon completion and victory against the French troops , encourages anyone rete Edmund. Then his brother Edgardo challenges him and overcomes him,

and gives the order to suspend the execution, but it's too late for Cordelia. Lear dying in pain, is holding the body of his faithful daughter, whose pure love realized too late. Also killed the other two daughters of Lear, commit suicide after losing against Edgardo Edmundo. Lear is tired and are victorious Duke of Albania, Edgardo and Earl of Kent.

Plot The dog gardener and Marcela Teodoro speak into the bedroom of the Countess Diana. Tristan watches at the door, see who comes and Teodoro Fabio and he take flight Fabio pushing that rolls off the stairs. Soon the Countess comes to her room and meets all his servants talking in a circle. It follows that the situation was a man who has entered. Marcela and she speaks to tells him everything, after that the countess decided that Marcela and Teodoro marry, but in reality she is in love with Theodore. Diana writes a love letter to Teodoro explaining his jealousy and he has a chance to see the countess Marcela rejects. A few days later the countess receives her two suitors, Count Federico and Ricardo Marques, and choose her future husband, Theodore, who refuses to return to the arms of Marcela. Noting Ricardo and Federico's love of the Countess by Theodore Tristan charge to kill him who, apart from staying skillfully with the money, does not betray his master, if not by a trick that fools the old Count Ludovico that Theodore is their son who had not seen for many years and had been living in Italy. Once converted and noble Theodore can marry the countess and therefore rejects Marcela and marries her. Angry Richard Marquis takes to try to Marcela Teodoro jealous but fails and eventually get married Theodore and Diana.

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