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GENERALITAT: a generalitat had an administrative role in catalonia and valencia in the crown of aragón.

BATTLE OF COVADONGA: was the battle in wich pelayo and his followers defeated the muslims in 722.

CORTES: was made up of noblemen, the clergy and representatives from cities.

CORREGIDOR: this official represented the king in cities.

MUDEJARES: were the muslims who continued to practis islam in the christian kingdoms following the reconquest.

CONSULATES OF THE SEA: officers that settled disputes between merchants.

ORIGIN OF THE CROWN OF CASTILE: Fernando I became the king of castile in 1035. Two years later Fernando l became king of león. When Fernando l died the kingdom of León and Castile was divided. Then Fernando lll inherited the kingdom of Castile in 1217 and thekingdom o León in 1230. Finally the two kingdoms united definitively and they called Crown of Castile.

HISPANIC MARCH: was a march that Charlemagne established as a defensive frontier region to defend his empire against the muslims.

THE MOST IMPORTANT ACTIVITY: the most important activity is trade.

SANCHO lll AND HIS SONS: sancho lll have 4 sons and when he died he divided the kingdom among his sons.

García Sanchez  inherited navarre

Fernando l inherited castile

Ramiro l inherited Aragón

Gonzalo inherited the counties of sobrarbe and ribagorza

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