Kiss of the Spider Woman

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Summaries of the work: The Kiss of the Spider Woman tells about two very different men who suffer the injustice of the same repressive order, are locked together. One of them is called Valentin Arregui Paz (and would-be revolutionary ideologue), who is locked in a cell belonging to a group of revolutionaries against the government of that time. He was arrested in a demonstration of guerrillas. The other imprisoned named Luis Alberto Molina (designer of stained glass and homosexual), was arrested for corruption of minors at the beginning of the book, tells the story of Molina panther woman. Molina used to have nightly movies he saw that he and Valentine could sleep. Molina told The films were: The panther woman, Leni and the German officer, The maid and the boy, I ran the South American boyor with the car, the woman around the zombie and the star reporter and drama. Molina was arrested in the same cell, because the director offered him a conditional release in return for which he gives all the information possible plans that could make the revolutionary group he belonged to Valentine. Their relationship was improving over time. The prison director ordered to place a drug in food intended for Valentine's Day, which fell to Molina who ill. Two days later same thing happened, but in this case was Valentin who was affected, but this was worse than the last. When ill Valentin, Molina, speaking on recovery through care and advice, first, preventing eat prison food and helping to clean yourself because it was very weak and also because water from the shower was freezing and could collapse other disease. Both stories are told of their lovers who can not see them jailed more for being unable to receive visitors. Valenttn was in love with a woman named Mars and Molina from a guy named Gabriel Both begin to trust each other and have sex twice. Because Molina takes a great affection for Valentine's trying to help. He promises to Valentin that upon release speak to the revolutionary group and give instructions that Valentin had begged him that spoke them. When Molina is released (conditionally) is followed by the CISL patrol everywhere, intercepting all the calls that he performed, the places he frequented, and so on. Molina One day he was meeting with the guerrillas, but these soon, for which he is interrogated by police because they thought they would a suspicious situation. But now the rebels are and seeing the situation, think of this revealing Molina and Valentin gets shot him also dies, because he was brutally tortured, leaving him powerless. The book concludes that Valentin give a sedative and he begins to dream of his mother, Martha, and Molina.

Chapter 14 asks for a kiss Molina Valentin, but he denied telling him that if Molina could kiss the woman become a panther and kill him that way. But Molina did not like because they killed people, then he calls the spider woman's name because it involves men with their material and Molina loved and so the book is called thus by the kiss of the Spider Woman or Molina.

Characters: Molina: stained glass designer and gay. He is 37 years. He was jailed for corruption of minors. It's a sentimental person, partner, faithful, counselor, tell you like movies, helping others before yourself and feel great appreciation for his mother. He considers himself a woman and therefore acts as such. Have friendships with other homosexuals, which did not have sex for not behaving like men. Gabriel loved the guy.

Valentin and aspiring revolutionary ideologue. Is 26. He was imprisoned in a demonstration for belonging to a revolutionary movement. He is a person who likes to read and study hard, hidden feelings, faithfully believes in his ideals, counselor, tough character, and so on. He has co-movement. Marta loves. Feel appreciation of Molina.

Gabriel Porter a restaurant that he frequented Molina. It belongs right, was a footballer, was disciplined, serious, smoking, married a girl who brought in a factory as a mechanic (foreman or section chief), had two children, of whom the little girl at age 6 died. He lost his job at the factory by siding with workers and give some received no compensation. He spent 10 years without work until he got to the restaurant. Women earned more than him, she was secretary of a company executive to nearly half.

Martha was a woman who loved Valentine. She entered the movement with Valentine but it came a time when treatment was opened and Valentine do the same. She was too attached to life and was so happy with Valentine that the relationship he had already had enough. From there it started badly, because he suffered when he disappeared for a few days and when he returned crying, but the worst was, then, began to hide calls from colleagues in the movement, intercepted letters and there until it's finished. Two years ago, not seen. She is dating a boy who is very good for a living and thus not surprising to Valentin.

Agnes:Companion of the movement, which also belonged Valentine that he was against the government.

Madre de Molina: A woman who became ill and has lived his life. She was a woman who devoted herself to her husband and son, had a very good relationship and fellowship with his son accepted his son as he was (he's gay).

Valentin Mother: It's a very difficult woman did not like Valentine's ideas. She feels that everything he has he deserves it, her family has money and a certain social position. Was separated from her husband, who died two years ago.

Director: Man charged with passing data to the government of Valentin. This made a deal with Molina so that he can pull data Valentine and he in return gave him probation. If, over time, Molina did not give any data, like released him to a trap, but that was appointed by a higher power.

Noncommissioned officer: Person who takes out the prisoners from jail. This led to Molina with the Director and returned to take his cell, but before it enters the principal's office reviewed what the doubts that had a weapon with which to attack.

Companions of the revolutionary movement are those who form together with Valentin pressure forces against the government, which at that time was the dictatorship.

Amigas de Molina: They're gay, who accompanied Molina. Never fall in love between them because they only wanted men. Molina and her friends are considered women. Are putazos not have confidence, because they are fearful and weak.

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