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The 2nd Republic: Desnvolveuse between 1931 and 1936.Tras the Republic has exercised the rotten x 1 x interim government formed socialistas.En Republicans and 1931 were celebrated elections Cortes, giving victory to the alliance gobrnant after apobrarar the Constitution (the gobrno consisted x d esqerda Republicans and Socialists, qdando out the Republicans and cntro dreit d) .* 1931.Defendía Constitution of the foundations of the system and organization trritorial it established popular sovereignty, the autonomy of municipalities and regions d, the separation of Church and State , d dreit individual recognition and social system .* d mixed secularism and limitation of rotten church: extinction of the budget of the clergy, the ban d ords religious teaching and activity .* reform of the army called for the purpose of the republic, reorganizing their unit and reducing oficiais.Tamén the creation Guard .* d Assault Reform: Expropiaron land with compensation to farmers pasándollas q the trballan to ease the lives of campes'ños .* Reformaeducativa: reducing illiteracy and improving the cultural level, thus increasing the schools to teach secondary education compulsory and secular adoption of autonomy .* Catalan: allowed him to Catalonia to have the government of the Generalitat desd 1932.No case Vasco and Galician differences between the political forces have delayed the drafting of its statutes. Franco regime: * Franco caudillo of Spain: the dictator concntra all rotten with the state counting support of the church, the army and a part of the population .* 1 monarq without king, Spain in 1947 qdou set to reign, pro until 1969 nn detrmine if his successor Juan Carlos de Borbón .* Unit patriae cntralismo: Spain was cnsidrada as single and indivisible .* Nacionalcatolicismo: Catholicism was the official state religion, and all education and activities of SpanishNois must fit the guidelines of the Catholic .* unit of Francisco Franco's forces in the national movement, the only one authorized policy q Franco was the top leader of the union .* imposing vertical d class unions were banned and compulsory membership of the workers and bosses same activity in a single trade union office .* d * Organic Democracy dreit Limitation of individual and subordinates women to men. P bottles State: * Crown: q is represented by chief d Estado.Na set up their rotten and rightist between what dstacan be chief of the army .* The blackouts: represntan the Spanish people, can exercn the legislative consists of cameras: Congress senado.Escóllenos d dput and representatives of every 4 years in the courts .* The Government: Exercises executive power and formed the presidnt Ministers.The Governments change, depending on agreements .* parliamentary elections and the judiciary, justice emanates from the people and managed on behalf of the King by judges and maxistrados.O Constitutional Court and Ombudsman sn + the highest levels of appeal. AUT C. Institutions: Parlement: x legislative body elected by universal suffrage city and town, ans .* Community Government: a collective body of the executive can chaired by the President of Comunidad.Os members vary 2 The result elections .* Supreme Court Justice d: maximum can order in the Community. State Governments:-The governments of UCD (1977-1982). Adolfo Suárez (1977-1981), replaced by Calvo Sotelo (1981-1982) .- PSOE (1982-1996) Felipe González.-PP (1996-2004) .- José Maria Aznar (2004) José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.