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i walk,iwalked. iam walking,iwas wolking.ihave wolked, y had. I had walked, i had, i'mgoing to walk, i was going to walk. will,would.cam,could.must,had yo. now,then,at the time. Today,that day. tonight,that night. this... That. yesterday, the day before. las... the..Before. day,year ago,..Earlier. tomorrow,the next day. next.. The next... this,that. these,those. here,there. I"call you: she told me that she wouls call me. Denien,admited. shall:offered. yes,i will come: she agreed to come. not do... i,m sorry... he apologized for ing..  where are you from? she asked me where i was from. whats the time? She assked me what the time was. who:persona animal. wich:cosas animales. that: personas, cosas. whose:posesivo. Informal: prepotition after the verb:use the kit wich youve been provided w. Formal: olease use the kit with wich you have been provibed. I was slee: had been.. where,when, non definin: world cup tickets, whick cost 200,...

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