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An opinion essay:Nowdays,introduccion de que hablo, y una pregunta.In the first place...In the second place... Therefore(x lo tanto),also(tambn),besides(ademas),however(sin embargo), for example, to sum up(en conclusión.PRESENT.

E-Mail:How are things?Thanks for your last e-mail.Sorry for not writing earlier but I´ve been really bussy doing my final exams.Well,that´s all for now.Write soon! Best wishes...Alv.PS.PAST.A news reporter:no opinion y actual.Past perfect.

An opinion essay about travel abroad: Nowdays a lot of people travel,some people prefers travel in his country but the other prefers travel abroad.You can visit your own country or visit another one.But, is better travel abroad or not?

In the first place,when you go another country, you learn a new culture.The foreigners have got different traditions and customs and you learn about it.Besides you practise another language.

In the second place, you can meet people and do new friends also you can see breathtaking landscapes,museums…

In the third place,some people said “travel abroad is so expensive” but is not true.However are journeys cheaps for travel abroad.

To sum up, in my opinion is good travel abroad, because you learn new cultures and new traditions.In the past some philosphers said “The world is a book, who do not travel only read one page”.

E-Mail of my trip:Hi Thomas,   

How are things?Thanks for your last e-mail.Sorry for not writing but I´ve been really bussy doing my final exams but it was a disaster.  

As you knew, my dream was going to TL,the biggest festival in the world and the last summer this dream came true.

This trip started the last thursday.My cousin and me went to the airport of Bilbao and the airplane was canceled.We took another plane and three hours later we landed in Bélgica.Then we put the tent in the camping.

The second day, my cousin and I woke up early,we had a shower and went into TL and started the madness.At night we returned to the camping and our tent was dissapeared.We met spanish people and we sleept with them.

The third day was terrible.We woke up earlier and started to rain.It rains all the day, and some concerts were canceled.

The fourth day was the best.We woke up earlier and went to the 16 differents stages of the festival and took photos.We danced, drank some alcohol and the most important thing, we enjoy a lot.Finnaly in the Main Stage we saw the concert of our best dj´s.

The last day my cousin and I returned home.Well,that´s all for now.Write soon!Best wishes. Alvaro. PS:If you want,I´ll send you the photos.

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