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REDES SOCIALES:Nowadays social networks are becoming an important part of peoples lives and most of us belong to some of the most popular .In my case I started using social networks some years ago I did not like them but my friends insisted .They are useful to keep in contact with muy friends and also be up-to-date with some of my hobbies .For example I am keen on my music and i know when there are concerts near my village .Moreover I also practise aerobics and I can know about the upcoming exhibitions .On the contrary social networks can be dangerous for young people because they can get a lot of information about you And some companies can look into your profile if you want to work with them .In conclusión Social networks are fun but you must be careful with the información you upload on the net.        

FACEBOOK is a social network that you can use to communicate, see photos of our friends and meet new people but i think that facebook there are both positive and negative sides to this social network./ On the one hand, it can be very convenient when communicating with people from distant places or even to hang out with our friends. Other people create an account in facebook to publish information. / On the other hand,in my opinion,  the negatives are you have to be careful with tour profile as future employers check this. In addiction, your personal information could be used without you being aware of this. / In conclusion, facebook can be useful but you always have to use it properly and only thing you are not going to regret.

ACCIDENT PLANE: Last month accident happeneed in china. A plane crashed while it was flying from Beijing to the usa and all 200 people were killed./It appears that the plane crashed because of a fault in the engine. Apparently, the plane left Beijing on time and no problems were reported at the airport. However, according to a report by an eyewitness, while the plane was traveling over the countryside of America, the plane suddenly developed engine problems and crashed. The eyewitness said that he heard a horrible noise, then a big explosion./ The story has been reported in many newspapers and TV stations and or this reason, it is the worst plane crash for many years and very bad for the Chinese people.CORRUPTION/DEMONSTRATION: Nowadays, we are discovery that corruption is getting more and more revelant in Spain. Consequently, many people are unhappy because of they do not want to pay taxes any more.They are hopeful that corruption will end soon/ Even the reyal family is having problems. The old king´s sister has an account in panama and the current king´s sister has a husband who it has stolen money form the state./ Accorgind to a report to control this situation, the goverment should inplement several rules and punish the guilty over.

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