Laboratory parasitology

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abd= abdomen, abdominal    ABG= Arterial Blood Gas

ac= before meals    ad lib= as desired    adm= admission
ADL= activities of daily living    am= morning,before noon
amb= ambulate, walk    amt= amount    AP= apical pulse
AP&L= Anterior, Posterior, and Lateral    Ax= axilla
BaE= Barium Enema    BID= Twice a day    
BM= Bowel Movement    BMR= basal metabolic rate
BP= blood pressure    BRP= bathroom privileges
BR= bed rest    bx= biopsy    CO2= Carbon Dioxide
CA= calcium    c= with    C&S= culture and sensitivity 
CCU= critical care unit    CBC= complete blood count
CDC= centers for disease control & prevention
CHO= carbohydrate    CHF= Congestive heart failure
CPR= cardiopulmonary resuscitation
CSR= central supply room    CVA= cerebral vascular accident
D/C, dc, disch= discharge    DNR= do not resuscitate
Dx= diagnosis    EENT= eyes, ear, nose, throat
EEG= electroencephalogram    EKG= electrocardiogram 
elix= elixir    ER= emergency room    F= degrees Fahrenheit 
FBS= fasting blood sugar    FF= force fluids   fld= fluid
FUO= fever of unknown origin    fx= fracture   GB= gallbladder
GI= gastro intestinal     Gm= gram    gr= grain    
gtt= glucose tolerance test    GU= genitourinary   
GYN= gynecology    HA= hearing aid    Hct= hematocrit
Hgb= hemoglobin    H2O= water    hr= hours  
hs= hours of sleep    ht= height    ICU= intensive care unit
IM= intramuscular    in= inch    
IPPB= intermittent positive pressure    IV= intravenous
I&O= intake and output    IVP= intravenous pyelogram
kg= kilogram    KUB= Kidney, ureter, bladder xray
L= lumbar    LLQ= left lower quadrant   Lab= laboratory 
lb= pound    LP= lumbar puncture    mEq= milliequivalent
MI= myocardial infarction    mg= milligram    min= minute
ml= milliliter  

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