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To you, woman virgin Mary, Ramon Llull. ¿Highlights and discuss aspects of amororsa troubadour poetry in the poem that sexpressen Lamor conception of what is presented? The tone and the structure of the Lirica troubadour, the Virgin appears to become a kind of starch Lamor Cortes, who is the mayor damor be estimated to achieve ledeal of lexperiencia love and to become a good lover under honorable one. poet offers gifts to the Virgin and asked a special favor. That offering, which implores the poet? The game between linguistic forms and verbal substantivada wanted out of the loop amoros with the Virgin, and also reaffirms that the submission qualities that distinguish the poet and offered: Memory and lenteniment. Therefore established a special complicity with the Virgin, is the time to inform you all its propaganda and this is a totally obsecio Lull To go to Suria religious convert Mohammedans to the Christian faith. In short, the poet asks the virgin will strengthen ka daquells many believers who claim to be capable of everything for love of Jesus Christ, but that lhora of compromise in predicaccio afraid of death.
Strophic What is the structure of the poem? What types of metrics and rhyme uses Ramon Llull? The poem is structured in three stanzas: two of eight verses and a final four posed conclusion. Meter and rhyme with a certain regularity: in the two stanzas of eight verses are the verses precencia important decasil-Labico octosil-labs and 2 (10A-10B-10A-10B-10A-10A-10C-10C) rhyme consonant is simple, near the popular poetry. Ramon Llull gives more importance to content. Sesforfied in creating the image of the Virgin troubadour to bring it to you and puts lescolten will lemfasi in evangelizing the guiding. Even the final four verses of stanza lultima lose regularly reiterated its call metrics for the preaching of the infidels, but the stresses addressed to the Virgin will not be easy to find people who accept this challenge without hypocrisy and without fear of death . Apparel Books of Ramon Llull: what is the lesson that emerges from the text? What do you think? The lesson that emerges from the text is quite hard with regard to humans: the more evil beast and false that there is more to the world is lhome. Sexpresa How and puts the technique of the arguments lexemplum Lull us wishes? Ramon Llull could choose a discursive explanation of the reasons that lead him to defend the evil humans. Lexemplum but rasulta very effective, dune part, helps us to fix latencio narrative with remarkable accuracy, precision and lhabilitat linked with Lull different elemnts of history: laltraatenua the strength of the initial message, there are esse human evil, But there are also holy homs as lhermita finally gets it's easy to justice.

Cansoneta up and flat Wilhelm bergueda. ¿Along cansoneta, lautor expresses a certain conception of poetry. with the portfolio-specific words? The cansoneta is one of our artistic ability of William bergueda in the field of poetic servants. In the first stanza, EXPRESS lautor intended to be accessible, understandable, since everyone wants to get The goal of that dedicated to spreading the insults of Pontius Mataplana. And while he wants to do with a given: Engineer, ironic, in search of the rial and the complicity of the public listener. Therefore emphasizes saying that the two verses are repeated at the end of each verse and stresses lacusacio insulting damonestar lenemic while mocking way. Dhomosexualitat The teasing is developed in the last two stanzas. The troubadour ......?the humor is evident in the two following stanzas that reveal the physical maances Pontius and make jokes. In troubadour, what are you sorry you have received the stones though fortunately not know shi genes daltra hand, proposes a method `expedited to make him stretch his arm wounded: a puncture dortiga you would reccionar nerve. Lacusacio dhomosexualitat developed in the last two stanzas. The non-disruptive use linsult so .....? the troubadour do not have enough to ridicule his opponent needs to launch lacusacio Final dhomosexualitat, linsult month Greis mascilsta as a feudal society. Lencert literary and linguistic William bergueda lies in the ability of dexpressar lofensa or not with the word mockery Irad and incendiary, but underlined with a comic or ironic situation that presents. For troubadour, Pontius was a man of bad habits that make for yourself and for violating locasio therefore recommends them wary and protect sen -

Videira (truck song) ¿determines the defects that characterize the figure of the future husband of Jana? Discredit the figure of the husband imposed that month, fais, stupid and rude, it is also related a couple of medieval literature inpacte that revolves around the wrong married woman. The negative aspects of her boyfriend, who has daquell word marriage, by his sosspesats troubadour and highlight especially the disabled to be a good lover. Above all, falsehood, ignorance and lack dun exemplary behavior toward women are inadequate to assess the candidate's husband. Destructures Which grammatical are repeated throughout the poetic composition? Is intended to indicate that these repetitions? Pointing out the repetitive character daquestes composition. In this sense, it is the ingenious technique of Viader, learned of cantingues galaicoportugueses, the so-called twelfth-century Cantigas de amigo senzulesa large dune songs that use the resource and the parallelism of the proverb.In the last two stanzas are two verses plategen a workaround for jana love. What are these verses and entering? The cell lines avetz better and more private and you can Vaira lamich plategen LAMIC doptar for participating in the privacy of jana and tries to ease. This commitment to a genuine love that takes into account the feelings of women is a sign of sincerity of love in a real world governed by marriage of convenience and for systematic criticism of female personality

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