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My last holidays
(Sent by Luisa María, a student from Murcia, Spain)

My trip to Canada was on August 15. I came to Madrid with my cousin and my friend. We went to Barajas Airport and flew to Canada. The plane made a stopover in Toronto. Then we arrived to in Calgary, it's a city of in Canada.

We went to the hotel, I had a shower and we had dinner. In the morning, we woke up early at 7 o'clock. We drove to Drumheller, a village that is famous because is it has the first dinosaur fossil in the world.

My cousin Pencho took me photos. The dinosaur was very tall and I had fear. After that we went to the hotel, we watched TV and went to sleep.

The second day we drove to the Rockies in the west part of Canada. I couldn't believe it was beautiful and wonderful. We arrived at the National Park of Banff and we saw many lakes. The Moraine Lake was the most beautiful one.

Then, we came to the hotel and put the luggage in the room. After that we went shopping. We bought some milk, cheese and fruit.

The next day we went to the Jasper National Park. We drove by the most impressive mountain road of North America. We saw the Maligne Lake and we climbed a mountain. There were bears and deer.

The next day we went to Clearwater. It was a ranch. In the night the ranch was very nice. I saw the stars because it was all dark. I listened to woodsmen, I told them we were lost!

The next day we went to Victoria Island in a ferry. Then we went to Vancouver. We fished by the Stanley Park. In the night we had dinner in a Spanish restaurant and we went to a disco. We danced, then we went to the hotel, I had a shower and we went to bed to sleep.

In the morning we went to the airport to return to Spain.
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