A laminar boundary layer is a layer

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Africa 3 largest continent, atlantic west, indian east,mediterranean north, surface 30.3. Mainly flat, plateaous cover much, ancient higland regions, rift valley east africa, low inland basins ocupated lakes. Climate is equatorial tropical, equatorial near equator,hotdessert.Nile Congo. Kilimanjaro Kenya. Victoria Tanganyika.

Anerica 3 parts 2 largest. Seies of young mountains runs west, ancient highland regions on the east,wide plains centre, rivers flow into the artic atlantic and pacific oceans. Climate cold: artic coast polar temperate:canada u.K continental.Hot:hotdessert mexico south and equatorial. Amazon Missisipi. Aconcagua ojos del salado. Superior Huron.

Asia largest Everest here dead sea. North great plains high plateus, centre high plateus, east large alluvial plains. Climate cold:POlar artic.Temperate:east asia continental humid sub tropical in china,hot:s asia monson,dry: desert steppe. Yangtze Huang he. Everest k-2. Caspian,Baikal.

Oceania Australia largest island sorroyund by indian pacific oceans, plains plateous predominate relief. Centre dessert Climate oceanic meditteranean south. New Zeland two island make it, many volcanoes on north southern alps south island, generally steep. Melanesia,Micronesia,Polynesia.

ANtartica four largest surface 14.2 milliaon in winter water freezes doubles size. Covered by a thik layer of ice more than 2km deep south pole antartica continent circular except of the peninsula.

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