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Human reproduction is the birth of new individuals that will substitute the ones that die. 2 characteristics:

-The new individual is formed froma single cell(zygote)
-Zygote originates from fertilisation(union of 2 gametes)
Sexual cycle:
1. Babies becomes adult
2. Gametes are formed (sperm(men)) (ova(women))
3. Fertilisation (takes place in the female repro system)
4. Zygote is formed
5. Embryonic developmement
6. Fetus is formed
Sexuality is the result of physical contact between 2 individuals who are attracted to one another.

It begins in men with the first ejaculation(spermache) and in women when the 1st menstruation takes place (menarche) It lasts 3-4 years. Girls: 10-13 years old. Boy: 12-14 years old Hormone secretion produces changes that transform boy or girl into adolescent.
Many physical+psycological changes occur. It prepares the individual to develop their sexuality. Most important changes: icrease of size of sexual organs, pubic hair begins to grow....
End of reproductive life:
Ovaries normally stop functioning when women reach 50 years old. Activity of men's testicles decreases. This provokes changes: menopause(women) and andropause (men)

Female reproductive system:
Ovaries: Are the gonads of the female reproductive system.
-Ova is produceed
-interrnal+external layer(ovarian follicles)
-produce female sex hormones (estrogen+progesterone)

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