A laminar boundary layer is a layer

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Steak Diane: /season the sirloin steak/ coat the steak Lightly with French mustard/ roll the steak on to a service fork/ heat the Butter in the suzette pan and when hot, unroll the steak into the pan taking Care to do it away from the customer. /Add a dash of Worcester sauce / Turn the Steak and cook on the other sice / Remove the steak from the pan and place it On a hot fish plate. Cover with a second plat to keep hot. / Sauté the onions And mushrooms in the pan (add a little more butter if required) /Return the Steak to the pan/ Add the red wine and reduce/ Add the sauce demi-glass / Glame With brandy / Serve the sirloin steak on a hot joint plate and garnish with a Little chopped parsley.

Peaches Flambe with cognac: cover the center of the suzette pan With a layer of fcastor sugar /Allow the sugar to caramelize/ Add the butter And blend in/ Add the peaches and a little of the peach syrup/ Heat the peaches And allow the sauce to reduce/ Flambe with cognac / Serve on a hot plathe with A vainilla ice cream.

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