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1.What’s The PBX where all switching is done in IP.

a.IP Enabled PBX

b.Hybrid PBX



2.What Kind of firewalls are designed to manage VoIP connections in IPv6?

a.Traditional firewalls

b.SIP Aplication Level Gateways

c.Session Border Controller

d.Jitter Buffer

3.What’s NOT a VoIP advantage from PSTN telephony?

a.Access from Anywhere. Not constrained to a physical location

b.Security, Resiliency and Availability.

c.It depends on electricty

d.Video Conferencing possibilities

4.The Variables we can use in Asterisk dialplans are NOT:

a.channel Variables

b.environment Variables

c.global Variables

d.Local variables

5.What Three business are involved in VoIP convergence?




6.What’s The problem that we can find if we use a firewall in IPv4 VoIP connections?

                El que envia sabe por donde lo Envia pero el receptor no sabe porque puerto lo va a   recibir entonces la comunicación es cortada.

7.¿What Hardware can solve the problem of VoIP of the last exercise?


8.How Big a packet should be used in VoIP?

                10 to 50 ms

9.What Does it happen if delay jitter for a packet is too much?

a.The effect is the same as a packet loss

b.It delays The conversation

c.It produces Echo

d.It produces Packet overload

10.What’s The main protocol used in signaling VoIP?


11.What’s The main protocol used in streaming media transmission?


12.What’s The main protocol used in streaming media control?


13.What’s The new layer of VideoConference that not exist in streaming media?

                La capa de control de la Conferencia

14.Networking Technique in which one computer sends a single copy of the data over the Network and many computers receive that data. _______Multicast_____________.

15.On FTP conections we use for server the port number ____21_____  for control and the port number ____20_______ For data. (0,5)

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