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Autografia LAZARILLO is a sham in which first-person account lazaro life TREATIES: 1,2 Y 3lazaro has its origins and first masters asus service: a blind man in the first treaty, a clergyman of maqueda in 2 and a squire Aruin in the 3 for each new master ambre increases its guide and its penalty of 4.5 y6 TREATIES improving their situation because they no longer starve or beg their masters change a mercenary priest in the 4 treated a seller in the 5 bulls and a chaplain in 6 working as a waterboy for the Treaty 7 and an adult guide begins work in toledo crier and is married to the maid of an archpriest and ends with the acceptance of the deque lazaro clergyman and his wife are fans The Rogue features the lazaro: is the child of parents without honrra Their behaviors are hungry and motivated by the desire to thrive was forced to defend himself in a world in which side is alone These features make the lazaro in antiheroe LAZARILLO ITEMS: reflects realistically society and the conflicts in Spain at the time MAIN ISSUES TO CRITICIZE THE NOVEL honrra obsession with the corruption of the clergy the narrative possesses potent anticleristical are three vices of the clergy are censored lust and greed hypocrisy makers lazaro moral corruption are their masters who are religious

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