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Synthesis "drift"

The story "Adrift" by Horacio Quiroga is the theme of man versus nature. At the beginning of this story, Paulino, the hero, steps on a poisonous snake that gives a bite on his foot. Because of this incident, Pauline began a series of actions ending in a trip down the Parana River to a nearby village where she hopes to save his life. However, all efforts are futile and Paulino protagonist dies in a canoe floating downstream. The phrase "drift" applies to a vessel that is without direction, at the mercy of currents and waves, such as Paulino's canoe at the end of story. The title points to the impotence of man versus unconscious power of nature.

The two kings and two labyrinths

CENTRAL IDEA: "Pride." He feels Superiror against other beings and lacks humility, recognizing that its end is death and the nature of the world is infinitely superior to man because he does not die.
* Pride opposed to humility
* The opposite of spiritual material
* The abuse of power
* The submission and humility as a symbol of human greatness and power.
CHARACTERS: The king of Babylon, which symbolizes the pride, power desmedio, abuse and the blindness of man against nature in all things. The king of Saudi represents that goes beyond what is apparent is the one with the wisdom and royal power.
LANGUAGE: Borges in this story is characterized by the use of complicated language, with words that the reader does not know.
Stylistic devices:
* Contraposition
* Parallelism
* Brevity

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