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ALLITERATION certain sounds-Combine repeatedly along a line d ... ANAFORA-repeat element at the beginning d d several verses sounds like ALLITERATION-repetition-Anaphora Repetition of a word or words at the beginning of each verse Anadiplosis-Repeat the word that was the end of a verse at the beginning of next asyndeton-Suppression of conjunctions He contrasts or antitheses-link two ideas or thoughts of opposites. APOSTROPHE-Excalamación or question to an animate inanimate imaginary SIMI-(as) Sets similarity between two ideas. NETWORKING-Repeating words in series. BRANCH-used words from (the root mima) adejetivo is an epithet that says something already known (white snow) Overlap-d q is a sentence in verse verse EPANADIPLOSIS-Repeat a word to the beginning and end of a phrase or verse d ellipsis - Elimination of some elements of the verse or phrase without changing understanding. EPIPHORA-Repeating a word to the end of a verse or stanza: They sound voices, Spain. Spain LIST -Full Description quick-Exaggeration HYPERBOLE objects hyperbaton-syntactic Disruption of a rhetorical question-sentence without waiting Wondering IRONY "Saying the opposite of what is meant Metaphor-identification between two realities so that the podems applied to a Nomros metonymy other Replacing a term by another that bears a causal relationship with him. Alliteration ONOMATOPEIA-trying to play a sound oxymoron-unite two contradictory realities Pleonasm-Add unnecessarily forcing terms polysyndeton-expression (and) use of unnecessary conjunctions copulative Paronomasia-Place next two phonetically similar words but different meanings. Paradox-statement apparently opposite to reality CHIASM-repeat two words in a cross-RELUCTANCE a sentence is left unfinished because the idea is understood SYNECDOCHE-involves the substitution of any one part or vice versa. SYN-Accumulation of synonyms to convey a concept similar buildings PARALLELISM-repetition personification-human qualities to inanimate
Detached 2 lines (AA, aa). 3 deals Trio 11 (ABA) Tercetilla: A trio of art with lines less than 4 verses Quartet: 11, with ABBA rhyme Redondilla: 8 consonants abba. Serventesio: 11 ABAB. Quatrain 8 abab Copla: minor art (usually eight syllable) assonance rhyming pairs in the lines are loose and the even lines. Seguidilla: two seven-syllable (first and third) and two five syllables (second and fourth) (-a-a) 5 lines Quintet: high art Quintilla consonants:Es = minor art. Lira: 1st, 3rd and 4th heptasyllables, 2nd and 5th hendecasyllables (7a-11B-7a-7b-11B) 6 foot Copla broken lines: 8a-8b-4c, 8a-8b-4c Sistine: 11 Sexteto loose-lira: 7a-11B-7a-7c-11B-11C sextuplet: minor art 8 lines Eighth Real: 11 (ABABABCC) Handbill: 2 quatrains Copla de arte mayor: 12, Tenth ABBAACCA 10 verses or Spinel: 8, abbaaccddc . Copla real: 2 limericks ovillejo: 8a the 4th 8b 4b 8c 4c 8d 8d 8c zejel: 8, aabbba SONNET: 11, 2 quartet 2 triplets MADRIGAL: 11 and 7 theme of love ROMANCE: 8 assonance rhyme in pairs SILVA: 7 and 11 rhyme consonant and loose lines.
LYRIC: major genres Oda, express feelings or ideas.Himno, solemn composition intended for canto.Elegia, dolor.Cancion feelings, emotions amoroso.Epistola type, or morales.Egloga philosophical issues, feelings of love and excitement of nature. minor genres: sonnets, epigrams, Madrigal, and so on.
NARRATIVE: major genres: In verse epic, fact memorables.Poema great and epic feats of a national hero.
DRAMATIC: major genres: tragedy, according to the different characteristics epoca.Comedia presents conflicts or customs of daily life from the humor.Drama, serious and emotional action to end juvenile desdichado.Generos: Let's go, comedy, farce, and so on.

COMMENT theme, structure d ideas, literary devices, verse, metric

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