las tecnologia moderna

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1:queence 2:the singhs 3:negel 4:doreen 5 licas 6:barry 7:beet 8:grandma 9:the moles,adrian 10:maxwell


1 i will not start smoking,help the poor,be nice to the dog 2:of not eating proteins 4:account 5:fight with barny 6:favorite cake 7:telephone ae cut off 8:ill 11:a poor men 12:that a person died 14:he stuck his nose 15:watch that he doesn't drin water


1:his spots 2:the divorce of his parents 3:he is in love with pandora but she was with another 4: he didn't  have the money to pay the bills


cajero: cashpoint testiculos:goolies chucho:mongrel hab.Inv: spare rooms amigdalas: tonsils granos:spots ronquidos:snoring palabrotas:rude words resaca:hangover animarse: back up

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