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Dorothy Parker (1893-1967)

Reading comprehension
choose the correct answer.

1.) the girl ordered tea while she waited because
a) She´d waited long enough.
b) She enjoyed tea before a meal.
c) She hated coffee.
d) She was very thirsty.

2.) The young man went to the bed at
a) 05:25
b) 20:05
c) 05:20
d) 04:40

3.) The young man was attracted to Carol McCall because of
a) Her beautiful voice.
b) The way she walked.
c) Her good looks.
d) Her good education.

4.) The girl had gone out with Wally Dillon because
a) They went to the same public school.
b) She wanted to teach him to dance.
c) He had kept on asking her to go out with him.
d) She tought he had beautiful eyes.

5.) I´m in terrible shape´ means
a) My body is too thin.
b) My legs aren´t long enough.
c) I don´t feel well.
d) I could feel a lot worse.

6.) But I gave me the jumps´ refers to
a) the horrible weather they´d had.
b) The long time the girl had waited for a cup of tea.
c) The young man sitting in his office.
d) He young man´s feeling about Carol.

Answer thw questions.

1. How long had the girl been waiting at the table for the young man to arrive?

2. What was the young man´s occupation?

3. Who did he say had thrown a party the night before?

4. What did the girl say she had been doing the night before?

5. What was it the girl said made her sick?

6. Who was the young man going to call up after the girl left him?

Waiting for the Police

Reading Comprehension

Choose the correct Answer

1. Who was the first person to enquire about Mr Wainwright?
a) Miss Wicks
b) Mrs. Mayton
c) Mr Penbury
d) Bella

2. How long had Miss Wicks been knitting for?
a,) 17 years
b,) 07 years
c,) 70 years
a,) 27 years

3. What was Mr. Calthrop doing when the conversation about Mr Wainwright began?
a) Looking out of the window
b) Reading an evening paper
c) Having a sleep
d) Thinking about the problems of the middle age

4. Mrs Mayton was a woman who was known for
a) Speaking very little
b) Nearly always talking
c) Not saying anything
d) Keeping everybody talking

Complete the sentences with your own words.

1. Monty Smith always tried very hard to...

2. Miss Wicks thought it was Mr. Penbury who had gone out to...

3. Mrs. Mayton thought it was Mr. Penbury Penbury who had gone out because...

4. All the time that Mr. Penbury was talking, Miss Wicks...

5. The news about Mr. Wainwright made Monty Smith...

6. Miss Wicks suggested that...

7. Mr. Penbury said that the police would be arriving...

Answer the questions.

1. How long did Mr. Penbury think the body had been dead?

2. At what time was Mr. Wainwright seen leaving the dining-room?

3. Why did Penbury go up to his bedroom?

4. How many tablets did Penbury take?

5. Why did Penbury go for a walk after taking the tablets?

6. When Penbury went up to his room again, what did he find on the floor?

7. Where in the house was the telephone?

8. Why did Mr. Calthrop leave the room ?

9. What did Monty Smith say he suddenly remembered?

10. What was wrong with the landing curtain?

11. Why did Miss Wicks leave the drawing-room?

12. Whose handkerchief was it that Penbury found on the floor?


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