Latitude of the position

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THESIS STATEMENT-- Position of the topic

INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH-- 1. General statement
2. Paraphrase the question 3. Own position 4. SI
COLLOCATIONS-- An integral part, Instant access, 
A detrimental effect, Huge benefits, One of the biggest drawbacks, An invaluable resource, Taking regular exercise.
IDIOMATIC EXXPRESSIONS-- Put it down to experience, Make the most, Take your breath away, In the long run, Take into account, Take your time, Bear in mind.
PREPOSITIONS-- On-spending on, focuses on, 
From- distracting from, stem from, resulting from, presented from.
As- referred as, regarded as
In- reflected in attitudes, believe in, involved in
For- recognised for
TRANSITIONS-- Exemplify- for example, after all, again. Contrast- however, in the other hand, yet.
Compare- likewise, also, in the same way.
Cause- as a result, therefore, in order to.
Effect- for this reason, because of, otherwise.
Purpose- purpose of, so that, so.
Addition- again, besides, too.
Emphasice- indeed, in fact, surely.
Summarize- finally, in conclusion, in essence.
Alternative effect- would have had, otherwise.
VOCABULARY-- Promote- feelings. Gauge- the effectiveness (of something). Overlook- a factor. Challenge- an assumption. Determine- an outcome. Yield- results. Devise- a stragety. Outline- the causes. Amount, Level, Quantity, Aspect, Number, Rate, Type, Proportion, Incidence. 
Make- use of, advances in, a prediction (about/regarding), someone aware of, a profit from, mistakes with, a decision (about/regarding), someone better, a choice between, an impression on.
Take- advantage of, into account,  action on, into consideration, an interest in.
Do- your best, business with, better, research on, damage to.
Have- an impact on, an interest in, an influence in, an effect on, a result on, benefits for, advantages for.

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