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1) Classification of crowding & therapeutic options- 1 crowding (truth negative TSALD), 2 crowding (external factors), 3 crowding (adult crowding); tx - incr max/mand length; incr arch length; red MD width of teeth; extract teeth

2) Class II div 1 therapy in maxilla- inhibit ty of maxilla; maxilla distal mvt; inhibit medial drift of molars; distal mvt of upper teeth; extractions
3) Class II division 2 etiopath- light class II skeletal pattern (I and III also); incisor relation caused by lip over teeth, independent of skeletal pattern; lower face height reduced (brachyfacial) 
4) Types of class III- depending on structures (class III dental and skeletal); depending on malocclusion origin (class III true, false/muscular/functional, ant cross bite)
5)Types of headgear- eo high pull; combined; low pull
6) Prognosis of class III depending on incisor position- UI to buccal, LI to lingual (malocclusion compensation) means bad prognosis; UI to lingual, LI to buccal means favourable prognosis
7) Origin of transverse malocclusions- dentoalveolar compression(arch), basal compression (skeletal)

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