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Types of Passes • Chest, Bounce, and Overhead passes – two hand passes used in basketball • One-handed shoulder pass – similar to a baseball throw • Shovel pass – an underhand pass used to deliver the ball quickly • Roll pass – a pass that is rolled along the floor to avoid the defense • Jump pass – a pass completed while jumping around or above the defending player • Hand-off pass – a pass that is like a hand-off in football

Types of Shots on goal • Jump Shot – the most popular shot because a player may jump from beyond the goal area and is Allowed to land inside the goal area, as long as he/she throws the ball before landing • Lob Shot – used when the goalkeeper is out away from the goal • Set Shot – a simple throw from a standing position. Set shots are also used for all penalty shots. • Penalty shot – one on one with the goalkeeper. The shooter must stand with both feet behind the Penalty line and keep one foot stationary during the shot.

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