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The best experience of my life was when I traveled with my family to the United States, we met Miami and Disney World. One of the best things I saw in Miami were the different luxury cars, my favorites were the Chevrolet Camaro, Ferraris Mustangs and Mercedes Benz, cars that in Uruguay are almost impossible to see. The beaches are very beautiful by the clarity of its waters, the hotel was fantastic, had pool and we spent the time swimming. In Miami speaking the Spanish language was easier than in Orlando,because many people used this language, it was easier to communicate. At night we walked the streets of Miami and met many people from different countries.Another of my favorite experiences was when I played karting races in Brazil, it was a very nice experience because since childhood I am a fan of cars and speed, in the race competing against people from other countries like Argentina Chile and Colombia. The race was very difficult but finished in the first position. I think they were unforgettable experiences in my life

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