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Q1.Explain three items of barrow motor ability test ?
Ans:The purpose of the Barrow Motor Ability Test is to develop an easily administered test of motor ability for college men. A test battery consisting of the medicine ball put, zigzag run, and standing broadjump was recommended for indoor use and a more complete test battery was recommended for outdoor use.

Q2.Difference between Disorder and Disability


Disorder can be characterized as a blip in the typical functioning of a man. Basically, disorder is any disease that aggravates the health of a man. Disorders prevent a man’s execution and decrease his/her proficiency. Disorders seem paltry at the onset, however they regularly become guilefully in a man. Commonly a disorder can’t be identified in time, as an aftereffect of which, a basic issue transforms into disability. With regards to disorders, the most prevalent and usually related term is mind disorder. This is on account of mind disorder are extremely intricate in nature, and very fascinating to the workforce of mental studies, since they regularly request a cure that is a takeoff from typical ways or systems.


Disability is the outcome of a weakness brought on to a man. It is basically a restorative condition, which doesn’t permit a man to work in a normal way. Disability can be available in a man since conception, or can occur amid his/her lifetime. Disabilities can be described into different structures, for example, physical disability, sensory disability, mental disability, olfactory disability, and so forth. It is seen that individuals experiencing disability can’t retreat to being as they were some time recently, which is the reason disabled individuals in different nations are qualified to get uncommon concedes and benefits. They’re qualified for get a waiver in medications, programmed reservation, committed compartments/seats out in the open transport vehicles, extraordinary gifts concerning instruction and livelihood, and so forth.

Q3.Describe disadvantage of knock out tournament ?
Ans :Disadvantages
 * It may be possible that stronger team being matched together in early round & get eliminated in the early round that can   lose the charm of the tournament.
* It may be possible that weak team got the position in the tournament.                                                                              * Due to the fear of elimination players play with the fear which is not good for his health & sports performance.
* Talented players some time are not selected due to elimination of there team in early round.
Q.4 Discribe three disadvantage of league tournament ?
➡It decides the true winner.
➡Every team will get full opportunity to show its efficiency or performance.
➡It helps in ranking all the teams.
➡Sports and games can be made popular through league tournament owing maximum number of matches.
➡A team need not wait for the competition of the other round as in single knock out tournament
➡Appropriate opportunities are available to the players and teams to improve their performance.
➡It requires more time.
➡It is expensive.
➡It requires more arrangement for sport officials and teams.
➡There is no provision of seeding for outstanding teams.
➡Teams that gets defeated often will lose interest in the game and that particular match become boring for the participants, spectators and even for official.

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