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Stradivarius is looking for a Marketing Manager with at least four years’ experience in a similar position. We are located in Pont de Molins. Job requirements include knowing how to fold clothes, to make cash and to serve customers. It’s important for this job to know English and French. In Stradivarius we value good team work. 
If you are not only a team player, but can also lead the team, your place is with us!

                                               Contact: Anaïs Pallas * anais.Pa19@gmail.Com

Our company places great importance on teamwork: La nostra empresa dóna molta importància al treball en equip. We believe that colleagues should bond as a team, cooperate and share ideas, especially when working under pressure: Creiem que els col·legues han de vincular-se com a equip, cooperar i compartir idees, especialment quan es treballa sota pressió. Job responsabilities include conducting market research using a variety of methods, supervising marketing cmpaigns and running the Marketing Deppartment: Les responsabilitats laborals inclouen la realització d'estudis de mercat amb diversos mètodes, supervisant els marcs de màrqueting i l'execució del departament de màrqueting.

People (persones): who/that (qui/que)
Things (coses)/ Animals (animals): which/that (que)
Places (llocs): where (on)
Time (temps): when/that (quan)
Possession (possession): whose (del qual)

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