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COMPLAIN LETTER:   Todos los datos de mi empresa                               
                                                                           Data hoy
Dear Mr o Mrs (nombre persona q la recibirá)
1º:Problem:I am writing to complain about(your delivery)
2º: Complain: I am sorry to say that(we ordered a pinter
XPL and WE recived another model.Also WE ordered 10
paper packets but we just received 5).
3ºSolution: Please,send a replacement(and the 5 paper
packets) as soon as posible. 
4º: I look forwards to hearing from you.
(aladerechaDelTodo)Yours faithfully(firma,miname,empresa)
Nombre mio + Human resources+diamonsd services+
112 woodford road + London SW12 9AP.
1º.Dear Mr ___ / Dear Sir or Madam.
I read your advertisement(newspaper,website)of(date)
for he position of(position)and I am interested in
applying for the post. 
2º.Asyou can see in my CV, I have studied(qualifications 
where and when).I am fluent in(lenguages). In addition,
I have computer skills and I can use(conocimientos..)
3º.I have worked as(position)in (company)from__to__.
4º.I have enclosed a copy of my CV with details of my
qualifications and interests.Thank you for your time and
consideration.//5º:I look forwards to hearing from you.
                                                           6º:yours sincerely 
                                                          firma + nombre mio

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