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1) Latitude: Latitude lines are parallel to each other, unequal length, express distance north and south of the equator, it is numbered from the equator to the poles with the equator numbered: 0 degrees and the poles 90 degrees and the letters N and S telling direction from the equator.
2) Longitude: Lines not parallel, equal length, expresses distance east and west of the prime meridian, the lines are numbered from 0 to 180 degrees, with the letters E and W telling direction from the prime meridian.
3) Prime meridian: It has 0 degrees longitude, located in England and Greenwich.
4) Frost-free period: The time of last first frost to the first frost. (growing season)
5) Leeward: the protected or downward side of a continent or mountain and may receive less rain. Example: Rockies in U.S
6) Schatterbelt: Known for turmoil and changing boundaries.
7) Ethnic Cleansing: meaning genocide… it has always been a problem in E.E (Kosovo, Bosnia)
8) Mikhail Gorbachev: Should go down in history as the most unique leader of all time. He tried holding the union together, but refused to try to crush the Revolution
9) Productivity Per Worker: Sum of production over a year divided by the total number of persons in the labor force.
10) Consumption of energy per person: The greater the use of electricity and other forms of power, the higher the level of national development.
11) Roman’s major contribution: infrastructure – roads, aqueducts
12) Europeanization: To all corners of the world; influence on the whole world.
13) Primate city: a city that is larger than city #2 and city #3 in a country combined.
14) The wall came down on November 9, 1989
15) Fiords: deep sided valleys cut into the mainland (dug and cut glaciers, now flooded by the sea)
16) Polders: make up about 2/5 of the country(Netherlands)- build a dyke, then pump the water into the sea and then you have wetlands that later dry out. (called Dutch miracle)

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