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1.A Worker can be arrested for belonging to labor union. -T

2.When Mike asked…what would you change at foxconn… workers said they never thought of That quest before. -T

3.Mikey Daisey went to chine after he found photos on his Iphone. -F

4.There Had been an epidemic of suicides at foxconn- T

5.Mike Said that 31 years ago Deng Xiaoping declared… give us a modern chine. -T

6.Mike Said, in a place where the cost of labor is effectively zero. -T

7.Apple May have to choose to have lower profit margins for fair practices. –T

8.If Foxconn were to limit worker’s hours to the legal limit of 40/week… it would Have to reduce pay and terminate thousands of employees- F

9.The Main problem was the workers were forced or allowed to work  - T

10.The Fair Labor Association and its President and CEO… ____________________

11.The Phenomenon of self-organization is – BOTTOM-UP

12.With The web providing the links for sharing information among channelT

13.The Integration of the traditional as well as the web-oriented…- E-BUSINESS

14.ENTERPRISE SYSTEMS have extended beyond the traditional Business functions..

15.Increasingly, E-business will adopt hierarchical organization to replace tradition-F

16.Supports Integration with B2B- E-BUSINESS FRAMEWORK

17.Has Flexible, open, modular, interoperable – NEXT GENERATION OF ENTERPRISE

18.At Its core is a platform of device independent – UBIQUITOUS COMMERCE INFRA

19.Bricks-and-mortar Stores, mail catalogues…- CHANNELS

20.Productivity Gains made possible by transformations-WHERE B2B E-COMMERCE

21.The Intangible yet strategic benefits of e-business easiest to estimate – F

22.It Is clear that B2B E-COMMERCE will Continue to transform supply chain…

23.On The B2B side, e-business systems generally are aimed at helping improve the Whole cycle of customer relations –F

24.Direct Mkt, sales for management, customer service, call center coordination and Personalization are B2C activities- T

25.The First country to democratically elect a female was Sweden en 1980 – F

26.Sweden Is the only country where, by law, at least 40% must be women – F

27.Alibaba Will be larger than amazon and eBay- F

28.Uber, Compared to the traditional taxi, is relatively unregulated- T

29.Uber Eats customer to whichever restaurant they prefer – F

30.The Problem should be defined in terms of a goal- F

31.The Answer to the question, what does the ideal situation look like? Is – VISION

32.An Objective can have many goals –T

33.A Goal can have many objective – F

34.The Mission is a commitment to the achievement of the vision- T

35.Tasks Which are dependent on one another are arranged- HORIZONTALLY

36.Tasks Which are INdependent of one another are arranged- VERTICALLY

37.An Objective is a statement that tells how a goal is to be achieved- F

38.Objectives Are achieved in terms of goals –T

39.The Critical path is defined as the shortest steps to the last step of the project- F

40.You Must try to identify all possible risks, not just some of the most likely one- F

41.Activities Which have no float are those that are not on the critical path- F

42.If An activity takes longer than its estimated time plus its float time then it is Removed from the critical path- F

43.You Can play with float time in order to assign one person or resource to two or More tasks at once- T

44.When Estimating the time a task will take, always use the worst case scenario- F

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