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-The building of the liberal state began in sapin when isabelle 2 was a child(1833-1843)

The regency of Maria Christina(1833-1840)
-maria christina supported the moderate liberals but a series of military uprisings and popular revolts forced her to hand power over to the progresive liberals.
Mendizabal the leader of the progresive liberals began the abolishment of the ancien regime by introducting fiscal reform.A new progresive constitution was drafted in 1837.National sovereighty with census suffrage the separation of powers and the two chambers and it granted many rights and individual liberties..

The regency of Espartero(1840-1843)
-in 1837 moderate liberals with increasingly conservative policies took control of the goverment.Maria christina was forced and the progresive general espartero was appointed regent.
Espartero authoritarian ideas and his introduction of free trade created a stong oppsition.Isabelle 2 was proclaimed queen.

The moderate decade(1843-1854)
-during almost the entire reign of isabelle 2 as an adult spain moderate liberal party led by general narvaez remained in power.The new cortes adopted a moderate constitution in which suffrage was highly restricted civil liberties were limited and sovereignty was shared between the cortes and the crown.
The moderate liberals also adopted measures to centraklise taxes cretae a penal code and develop a national education system.In 1851 the sate signed the concordat with the holy see.In 1844 the guardia civil was set up to maintain law in the countryside.
The authoritarian tendencies of political leaders like narvaez and bravo murillo the influence of the political cliques and electoral fraud caused another progresive military revolt.

The progrsive biennium(1854-1856)
-In 1854 the vicalvaro pronunciamiento led by general o donnell brought the progresive liberals to power.The national militia fought in the vicalvarada.
The cortes drafted a new constitution which was not aprovved and the goverment made major economic reforms concerning three fundamental laws.
-the confiscations of madoz 1855
-the genral railway law and the mining act

The system in decline(1856-1868)
-a new crisis in espartero goverment caused isabelle 2 to hand the goverment over to o donnell who had created a new contralist party called the liberal union.
1856 unionist and moderates alternated in power.The government very authoritarian acting without the authorisation of the cortes and repressing opposition.
The democrats who defended universal male suffrage and the republicans who aspired to end the monarchy and establish a republic

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