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oratio gates--lider--continental army, john--lider--british army, english army surrended to George Washington, end of the revolutionary war, general charles-- surrender in yorktown, american people--vote themselves. Influences in american revolution: people can have happines in this life. Peoples liberty should be protected by law, locke: most influence--declaration of independence, life, libeety, property--nature, no away, power king. Mostesquie: separation powers: lesgislative, executive, judicial--no powerfull, rosseau: general willi, beccaria: geater good--number of people. Thomas Jefferson: delcaration of independence, 3 president, continental congress--served, 1 eeuu secretary under George, maddison organized democratic republic party. After the war: philadelphia convection: new constitution--more stronger federal government--balance system--new york, rights--people--incorporated--state constitutions, equality--men--liberty. Causes of revolution: war+poor harves=extreme financial crisis france, louis 16--increase taxes-- state--do anything--no voice, people hungry, essential things increased--no money, no food, *

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Law 19983 on