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Carlist wars: started when Ferdinand VII abolishes the Salic law because he had two daughters, his brother Charles did not accept it and the 1 Carlist war started. During the reign of Isabella II they were absolutist and stronger in the north. During the rev Six-year period when amadeo of savoy was elected and prim killed they came into War by third time.Utopian socialism: designated a heterogeneous set of Doctrines of social reform which emerged in response of liberalism and Industrialism in Europe. Friedrich Engel’s invented the terms because he said That it was unattainable.Charles Fourier, Robert Owen (houses,factories,church And schools) Étienne Cabet, Saint.Simon(no  Inheritance)International Workingmes´s Association (IWA): major organization to unite workers from different countries. Founded initially to Bring together British trade unionists, French socialists and anarchists, and Italian republicans. Its purposes were political organization of the Proletariat in Europe and the rest of the world and to discuss common problems And propose courses of action.Barcelona’s Tragic Week was a people’s revolt Against compulsory mobilization of reservists to go to war in Morocco, because Only poor people went there. Maura’s government crashed it with armyThe first republic lasted 11 months (4presi) and was done after the resignation of Amadeo Of Savoy. Elections were won by republicans (pi I margall). They wanted to make A federal republic with 17 states (with cuba) separate the church and the Estate, eliminate slavery...) Govern did not reach an agreement with military Cubans and Carlist were stronger. Some cities wanted their independence. Pi y Margall avoided and his successor Salmeron too. Castelar was the last President. It ended with a coup by general Pavía(entered in the parliament with Horses and the Guardia civil) War of cuba: political conflict between spain and Usa whick lost spain and was the end of the colonial empire 

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Law 19983 on