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Soft drinks: a beverage that is not alcoholic and is usually carbonated, such as Coca Cola. To Own (a pet): to have or hold a pet Have a tattoo To Apply (for a passport): to formally ask for something To Withdraw money: to take (money) from a place of deposit. Saving account: an amount of money deposited in a bank: To Make a will: to make a legal document to state what will happen to one's possessions or property after one's death. To Hold a license: to have the legal permission for sth To Be convicted of: to prove or declare (someone) guilty of an offense, after a legal trial Criminal offence: the act of law-breaking Give blood General/local election ATM: (automated-teller machine) cash dispenser Thrill seeker: person who likes taking risk Play safe: person who thinks carefully and twice, avoid taking risks Appeal: something you feel interested in To Backpacking: to travel carrying a rucksack Blind date: date with a person you have not previously met To Think twice Politely: In a courteous way Make sure: to ensure something is so Have a go: to try to do sth Alligator: crocodile Dare: to be brave enough to do something Apprehensive: to be worry because you think something would happen to you To be willing to: to be ready to do something No way! : absolutely no To Weigh up the pros and cons: think about something carefully I’d be game for that: I wouldn’t mind doing it To Take risk: person who is ready to do anything even if it is dangerous Cautious: to be careful about doing something On the spur of the moment: suddenly, without planning it A close shave: a situation where you only just avoid an accident Safe and sound: not hurt in any way, even though you were in a dangerous situation Just in case: to be prepared for something that may happen Cutting it fine: to leave yourself very little time to do sth The coast was clear: you can go somewhere or do something because there is no danger of being seen, caught or attacked Brand new: not yet used Fast asleep: sleeping deeply Wide awake: fully conscious Pitch black: total darkness Soaking wet: sodden, soaked Wide open: fully open, uncovered To Defeat = Beat: (who) to overcome someone in a contest To Win: (what) to be victorious or to finish first in a race or contest Sponsorship deal: agreement with a company that pays someone to advertise a sth, such as a product To get through (sport): to reach the next stage in a competition Runner-up: the competitor, player or team finishing in second place Qualify: to demonstrate the required ability in a contest Disqualify: to take away the right to participate in a contest because of a violation of the rules Round: a complete course or series, one following the other Championship: the condition of being a champion To Ban: a prohibition by law Doping offence: illegal drug-taking Foul: sth which is contrary to the rules in a sport or game. Strenuous: to demand a lot of effort To Push yourself: to do sth hard but good for you To Overdo sth: to do sth in excess To be into: to take sth a lot To stay in shape: to be fit Sedentary lifestyle: no to do sport Junk food: unhealthy food (=fast-food) Balanced diet: to eat healthy meals along the day Nutrients Skip a meal: to fail to eat sth you are supposed to Crash diet: a weight-loss diet taken with the aim of achieving very rapid results Body Mass Index (BMI): relation between your height and weight To Set a goal: to plan your objectives that you may carry out or not To work out: to do physical exercise to get fit To cut sth out: to stop eating sth completely To get round to sth: to do sth you have intended to do for a long time To put on (weight): to gain weight To stick to: to continue with sth although it’s hard Take advantage of sb/ sth: to make the most of sth Take advice: to receive guidance Take drugs: to abuse of banned substances Take it easy: to relax Take part in: to join in a group Take sth/sb for granted: not appreciate the value of sb/sth ;; take him/it for sure Take sth out of your mind: to try not to think of sth Take sth seriously: to be concerned by sth Put pressure on sb: to coerce someone Put sth/sb at risk: to endanger sth/sb Put your arms around sb: to comfort sb Put your hands up Put your mind to sth: try to achieve something Put yourself in my position: try to be another one Beer Bally: fat Spare tyre: fat Chubby: fat To Revise To Cram: try to learn many things in a very short time To Hand in: to give sth to someone Assignment: piece of work you do at school Strong point Skip: no to attend, to miss out (=To Play Truant) To Play Truant: no to attend classes without your parents or teacher knowing To Mess around: not to do anything, lose time To Bother: to give trouble to Disruptive: a person who interrupts and is annoying To Get stuck: don’t know how to continue To scrape through: to pass an exam with a low mark To Pass with flying colors: to fins an exam very easy and to pass it with good mark A level: pass in this examination. Boarding: school where student don´t leave out Campus: grounds of school Deadline: the last day to hand in an assignment Degree: an academic title given upon the completion of studies, or as an honorary recognition of achievement Fees: a sum paid when you go to university Lecture: kind of class where the professor talks and there is no participate Professor: Pupil: (younger) Secondary: high school Seminar: a teaching style where there is interaction and professors and students talk about a topic Subject: To apply for: formally ask for a position To bully: mistreat student To expel: you forced lo leave because of bad behavior To graduate: to receive a degree or diploma on completing a course of study To retake: Undergraduate: a college-level student who has not received a first, esp. A bachelor's, degree. To Be in two minds: to haven’t decide what to do To Be in tears: to cy To Be in (big) trouble: to have problems To Be on edge: to be tense To Do sth on purpose: to do sth intentionally To Be on one’s way: to be going somewhere To Be out of order: not working To Be Out of breath: to be really tired To Be Out of the championship: to be ban from a competition To Splash out: to spend a lot of money on sth (waste money) Designer labels= Designer brands: a distinctive kind or variety of clothes (normally) that are usually expensive To Window-shopping: to look at articles in store windows without making purchases To Browse: to look in an unhurried way at goods displayed for sale, as in a storeUnethical: sth immoral that doesn’t fit with the normal ethical Exploit: to take advantage of (a person, situation, etc.), unethically or unjustly for one's own ends Advertisement=Adverts= Ads: a paid notice or announcement, as of goods for sale, in newspapers or magazines, on radio or television, etc. Material possession: things one have to make his life easier and happier Bargain: a purchase to one's advantage, at less than the usual cost. Eco- friendly: having a beneficial effect on the environment or at least not causing environmental damage Online auction site: page where you can buy or bit for products at a very good price (Amazon) To make a purchase: to get or obtain by the payment of money or its equivalent;buy To Overdraw: to try to draw or to spend an amount from (one's bank account, an allowance, etc.) that is greater than the money available to one: Well off: in a satisfactory position (rich) To afford: to be able to meet the expense of or pay for: In debt: something that is owed or that one is bound to pay to or perform for another: To owe: to be obligated to pay, repay, or give Wealthy: having great wealth To Club together: put tour money together as a group To Knock (10%) off (the price): reduce the price To Fork out (58€): spend a lot of money on sth To shop around: go to different shops to compare prices To sell out: have non left Up and downs: the mixture of good and bad things that happen The have and the have-nots (the poor; those who have little or nothing) Here and there: at this place and that; from place to place Now and then: sometimes; occasionally Give and take: The exchange of mutual compromise or concession; negotiation, bargaining, and/or compromise Down and out: Lacking funds or prospects; destitute, penniless Fame and fortune Neat and tidy: orderly and clean condition Sick and tired: exhausted; fatigued Trial and error: is a fundamental method of solving problems.[1] It is characterized by repeated, varied attempts which are continued until success,[2] or until the agent stops trying. It is an unsystematic method which does not employ insight, theory or organized methodology. Cheap and cheerful: costing little money but attractive, pleasant, or enjoyable Peace and quiet: Tranquility and freedom from disturbance. White lie: a harmless lie, often one told to avoid hurting someone's feelings To pretend: to put forward a false appearance =simulate Bluntly: abrupt in manner, without politeness Economical with the truth: not to tell everything about sth To deny: to state that (something) is not true To own up: to confess Two-timing: to cheat on somebody To spread the gossip Hoax: joke something intended to deceive To make up (an excuse): to invent an excuse To fall for: to believe something which is not true “Pigs might fly”: something you don’t believe To tell tales: to tell people things that someone has done wrong Fake: to pretend; simulate To launch: to get going; start To live coverage To Broadcast: to transmit (programs) from a radio or television station To Download: to copy or transfer (data or a program) into the memory of one computer system from a larger one Search engine: a service provided on the internet enabling users to search for items of interest Tabloid (newspaper): newspaper usually with many pictures and often featuring sensational stories.= small-format newspaper To Publish: to announce formally ot officially Gossip Biased: a tendency toward judging something without full knowledge of it;prejudice: Broadsheet: a newspaper printed on large paper, usually a respectable newspaper rather than a tabloid.= large-format newspaper Broadband: internet: high-speed access To Dub: to give a name, nickname, or title: He was dubbed a hero. Censorship: the act or practice of censoring. Foreign correspondent: journalist reporting from overseas Sensational: extraordinarily good Casualty: any person or thing harmed or destroyed as a result of some act or event (accident) Demonstration: a march or public show of strong opinion: Venue: the scene or locale of any action or event. To make redundancies: to dismiss from a job Economic downturn: a drop or reduction in the success of a business or economy To Forecast: to make a prediction about: Outbreak: a sudden occurrence or appearance Union: a number of persons, states, etc., joined or associated together for some common purpose To go on strike: stop of activity to force an employer or some authority to agree to demands, or to protest conditions: Rave reviews: areport in anewspaper ormagazine thatpraises something such as afilm or show in a veryenthusiastic way Premiere: a first public performance or showing of a play, Breakthrough: an important and sudden advance, etc., as in science, that removes a barrier to progress To Draw: tied game To Blow up: explode or make sth explode To Take over: bought To Break out: to start suddenly To Die out: to become extinct To Crack down: to take strong action against Go ahead: do sth as planned/ with permission Go back on your promise: not to do sth you agreed to do Go bald: lose your hair Go down well: when something goes as you want Go far: be successful in life Go for a run Go smoothly Go to great length: Go to great length: Set a date (calendar) Set a good example: behave in a way that is a good model for others to follow Set a record: achieve a better result than there was before Set Fire to: set alight Set Free: liberate

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