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presente  is are 3v / pasado2 was-were 3v/ is-are painting is are being 3v/ 
was-were painting was-were bing 3v/has-have 3v has have been 3v/ had 3v had been 3v/ will shoud must can be/ is-are going going to be
It`s imposible+maybe+perhaps PRE may+might+could PAS have+v3
 know how+ability PRE can PAS could/ It`s forbiddden+ proibited+not allowed+banned PREmustn´t+can PAS weren´t+ allowed/ obliged+the law says+forced+ it`s obligatory PRE have to PAS had to/ If i were you+ good idea+advice  PREPAS should/ neccesary PRE needn´t PAS dodn´t need to
0 PRE+PRE V1/ 1-V1+WILL INFI UNLESS/ 2- V2+ WOULD INFI NEGA didn´t ADVICE if i were you, i would+ infi/3- had v3 + would have v3 PAST

PRE 1v  2/ to be +ing  to be 2+ ing/ have v3  had v3/ have been ing had been ing/ PAS 2 had v3/ to be 2 ing had been ing/ had v3 = / had been ing = / will would/ would = / Now then/ today that day/ tonight that night/ yesterday the previous day = last week a month ago/ tomorrow next week the following day/ here there/ this that/ these those
PRE SIN v1/ every day/ once aweek/twice/always/never/often/remenber/sometimes/usualy/still habily ever/ in the morning PRE CON TOBE+ ing now/ temporality/ currently/ today/ this week/ these days/ at this moment/ PRE PER has-have 3v/ ever/ never/ just/ (just/see) PAS SIN v2 didn´t v1/ yesteday/ ..Ago/ in 2010/ when I was 3/ last week/ PAS PER has+ V3 not.. Before/ nver.../ FUT will+ infi/ i thimk/ i hope/ Is-are going to+ infi / next week/ tomorrow/ in x days

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