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SQ3R: SurveyQuestionReadRetrieveReview (planning)

Curiosity(hypothesis) Skeptical(not accepting facts without challenge them) Humility (Truth rather than be right)
Cognitive: thought processing
developmental, stages of cognitive and emotional development
classical conditioning(based on antesedents): dog salivation pavlov
Operant conditioning:Rewards and punishment (Rats)
reinforcement strengthens a behavior
punishment weakens a behavior
Conditioned emotional responses: learn phobias John B watson fear of rats little albert 9 months
Assosiative learning: associate events and outcomes
observational conditioning bandura bobo doll child immitate aggresion
Operant extinction: reinforcement stops, so does behavior/takes time/spontaneous recovery
Thornikes law of effect: rewarded with food every time took less to finish puzzle
side effect of punishment leads to aggresion 

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Law 19983 on