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Agreement: The act of agreeing/ Airline: A system or Organitation that provides flights for passengers or cargo/ Appointment: An agreement for a meeting arranged in advance/ Balance: A state Of being steady/ Billboard: A flat surface on which large advertisements Or notices are posted/ Cruise: To sail on a pleasure trip/ Damage: Harm or destruction that reduces value/ Darkness: Having very little or No light/ Decision: The act or process of deciding/ Departure time: An act or instance of departing/ Difference: The state or relation of Being different/ Environmentalist: An expert on environmental problems/ Flight: A trip by or in an airplane/ Information: Knowledge given or received About a particular fact/ Landscape: A picture represent such scenery/ Luggage: Suitcases, trunks/ Possibility: The state or fact of being posible/ Purpose: The reason for which something exists or is done/ Queue: A file or Line of people waiting their turn/ Relationship: An emotional or other Connection between people/ Research: Careful patient study of a subject In order to discover facts/ Return ticket: A round-trip ticket/ Tourist: One who makes a tour for pleasure/ Youth hostel: Inexpensive place To live for young travelers/ Delay: To put off to a later time/ Leak: An unintended hole, through which liquid or gas escapes/ Rescue: To Save from harm/ Sink: To fall or descend to a lower level/ Aware: To Be conscious of/ Concerned: Interested or affected/ Overnight: On During the night/ Treacherous: Unstable or insecure. 

Brain: Mass of nervous that is collocated in the head and is The center of the nervous system/ Choice: The opportunity or power of Choosing/ Figure: An amount expressed numerically/ Liar. A person Who has lied or usually lies/ Signal: Sign, gesture or token (simbolo) To give some information/ Staff. A group of people employed by a company/ Thief: A person who steals sth from another/ White lie: A lie That is said with the purpose of being polite/ Admit: Confess or acknowledge A crime or a mistake/ Behave: Act or function in a specified way/ Blame: Attribute the responsibility of sth to sb/ Cheat: To lie (to) or behave dishonestly/ Conduct: To Do or carry out an action/ Deceive: Mislead eliberately and Intentionally/Ensure: Make Sth certain or sure/ Get caught: Be captured, usually by the law/ Plagiarise: Copying ideas from sh else/ Put up: Build or erect sth/ Shoplift: Steal goods from a shop during shopping hours/ Steal: Take sth from Sh without their permission/ Suspect: Have a suspicion about sth/ Take Place: Happen or occur sth/ Tempt: Persuade sb to do sth wrong/ Tend To: Have a general disposition or be likely to do sth/ Trust. Have Confidence or faith in sb/ Astounding: Causing amazement and wonder/ Frank: Honest and straightforward in speech or attitude/ Guilty: Responsible For an offence or misdeed/ Likely: Tending or inclined to sth/ Rough: Unsafe and troublesome/ Worldwide: Applying or extending throughout the World; universal/ Good at: To be good doing something/ Good for/to: To be beneficial for sth/ Interested in: To have an special interest in Sth/ Late for: Occurring after the usual or proper time/ Pleased About: Feel satisfied due to sth/ Proud of: Feel pride due to sth/ Similar To: That shares some features with sth else/ Sorry about: Feel or Express pity or sorrow/ Worried about: Feel concerned about sth/ Change (my) ways: To change (my) behaviour/ Get away with: To escape Without punishment after doing something bad/ Get into trouble: Get Yourself in a problematic situation/ It's a pity: Expression used to Show sadness about sth

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Law 19983 on