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1 - A new light shines on my life: Faith
2 - The cross is the true test of faith
3.-luz.Es Jesus is God, is all
4-leave it all to Dios.El is the most faithful
5-not worth the purposes unless God gives strength to fulfill
6-I put all my trust in the Lord and hope of his mercy every good
7-somebody always helps us achieve our goals
8-long love of god and projimo.Este is the goal of our constant aspiration
9-deliver all our love to God-He is rich enough to compensate
10-god looks at the sincerity of heart regarding the
11-I in all circumstances, for your glory, my God
12-The glory of God is the end of my efforts and aspirations
13 is the most amable.El god be praised
14-all that the Lord commanded or permitted, is good, very good
15-such as the states things are better
16 prayer is the key to all the graces and even the sky
17 prayer is the breath of the soul
18-The water is for fish, is the prayer for the soul
19-the praise of God always be always on my lips
20-The Blessed Sacrament is the intimate life of the soul
21-God loves a cheerful giver
22, no want of charity by light or reckless lawsuits
23, no effort is too large to address the suffering
24 - home to more intimate I love
25 - In love holds all the law
26 - more than all those I love around me
27 - to glorify God by using their gifts with joy
28 - where is the church, there is the Spirit of God
29 - Blessed Virgin Mary, ran to hide under your proteccion.Ayudame in life and in death.
30 - May the Blessed Virgin be my guide, I always be a true daughter of Mary Immaculate.

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