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Process for research Paper: first we interpret result of research and then proveo rr disprove Hypothesis

Créate research Question: What are you interés in?...What do you have to know about It?

Narrow down research: to Summarize, to put only What serves us

Importance of citing Sources: because it gives you credibility, avoides problems of law And plagiarism

Reseacrh process: 1) research Question 2) background information 3) hypothesis 4) design experiment

 5) collect data 6) Analyze results 7) publis findings

Explain the process Neede o prepare for a research: define, explore, indentify, related

Explain the Requierements to become a process information: analyze/evaluate, sort, Syntnetize, test

Explain the process in Order to think critically

Question the relevance of the information

“          “    accurary   “      “       “

“          “     authority  “     “      “

“         “     point of view “   “        “

“       “          faimes      “        “       “

Jingoism: nationalism In the form of aggressive

Critical path: cpmmonly Used with all froms of projects

Research: the Systematic investigation of all áreas

Perspective: a way that Individuals looks at something

Global significance: important In international affairs

When you put your ideas back together you RECONSTRUCT the Information to have a clear perspective of the subject

To REFLECT You must first have a deep thought and observation

It is important to COLLABORATE with your peers in order to achieve better results

To COMMUNICATE Properly, the information must be clear and understanble

Usually it is to DECONSTRUCT ideas, by breaking down the meaning and significance

BOOK:  YES: autor, title, institution, publication date     IF APPLICABLE: edition

CHAPERT FROM BOOK: YES: autor, Chapter, title, institution, publication date, page number   IF APPLICABLE: edition, editor

ONLINE BOOK: YES: autor, Title, institution, URL publication date     IF APPLICABLE: edition

E­-BOOK: YES: autor, Title, institution, publiucation date, e-reader     IF APPLICABLE: edition

NEWS PAPER: YES: Chapter, periodical name, publication date, page number     IF AVAILABLE: autor

JOURNAL PEPER. YES: autor, Chapter, periodical name, publication date, volumen, page number

ELECTRONIC NEWS PAPER: YES: Chaper, periodical name, publication date   IF AVAILABLE: autor, page number   

IF APPLICANLE: database, e-reader 

ELECTRONIC JOURNAL PAPER: YES: autor, chapter, periodical name, URL, publication date, volume    IF AVAILABLE: page number  IF APPLICABLE: database, e-reader  

WEB PAGE: IF AVAILABLE: publication date, autor    YES: chapter5, title, URL,    IF APPLICABLE: institution

INTERNET SITE: YES: title, URL, date accossed    IF AVAILABLE: author, Publication date   IF APPLICABLE: Institution  

Video: IF AVAILABLE: autor, publication date    IF APPLICABLE: Institution, URL, date accossed

BLOG: YES: autor, chapter, title, URL, data accossed     IF AVAILABLE: publication date 

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