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CONFLICTS IN ASIA AND AFRICA Islamic fundamentalism 1970s came to power  and established refimes based on Islamic law. Iran revulutionary forces seized power an their leader declaringtheocratic regime: The Islamic Republic of Iran. Was radically anti-western and anti-israeli. 79 USSR send troops to afghanistan to protect por-sovier gover, but was withdraw  in 1989 Taliban establish goverment and made the terrorist attack 11sBreak-up of the USSR provoked conflict in caucasus region taht have a lot of tension. It is strategic important: Borders Muslim xtates and oil and gas producing sectors. Russian want to have influece in the region . The main conflicts of the region: 88 war between armenia and azerbaijan, 89 conflict arose in georgia, 1993 serius conflicts in chechnya. Africa states gane indepe by lilitary dictat or one-party regime. All supported by other countries because of the strategic positionArmed conflicts cause: artificial borders, failed states, inteernational interest seeking to control abundant african resources

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