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economic system

capitalist economy:marcket economy/null/free market, regulated by the law of supply and demand/yes/only companies and individuals/USA
mixed economy:welfare state/medium/it tries to assure the social well being/yes/both private and state owned companies in key sectors con produce. The self employed people are also important to create wealth/spain,germany, finland,france
communist economy:planned economy/total/market doesn´t exist. The state plans all the economy/no/the state owns the land, factories and tertiary activities/cuba,north korea,sovient union before 1991
current economy
wolrd economic leaders:unated states, european union, japan, importances is to share with other countries. Canada and australia also have developed countries,less gloval influence
asian tigers:soth korea,taiwan,hong kong,singapore.Have been joined by other countries fron south-east asia
countries with petroleum:belong to the organisation of petroleun exportin countries, largest produced in the world

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Law 19983 on