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Teenagers And the mobile phones.

In recent years, it's become quite common for Teenagers to have mobile phones. However mobile phones are useful, some people Believe they are unsuitable for teenagers, to communicate with parents and be aware of everything.

On the one hand, having a mobile phone no is Convenient because People is addicted at mobile phone, do it everywhere. Talking on mobile phone in public places has become a part of our everyday Lives, but I believe there should be a law which bans this antisocial Behaviour. In addition, mobile phones play an important part in everyone's Lives, we use them too often.

On the other hand many teens don't realise That some the gadgets they are used for very important things, in particular Convenient and very useful to have around in an emergency. There are calls that Are important and have to be answered immediately in such cases. We must be Responsible and have control and to be aware of all this.

In my opinion, teenagers should have mobile Phones even though they should use them only when necessary.

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