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Knight - Fifteen mortal battles he had been

Squire - Would rather make love

Yeoman - A person who cultivates a small farm

Prioress/Nun - Sing with a fine intoning

Monk - Goes against all the rules of his holy order

Pardoner - Raise money for religious works

Friar - Hubert. /keeps pocket knives/ fixed up many a marriage

Merchant - A buyer and seller of commodities for profit

Oxford Clerk - Preferred having twenty books

Sergeant at Law - A memeber of a former class

Franklin - Displays the finest food

Host - Will act as guide on the journey

Cook - Has an ulcer on his knee

Skipper/Sailor - Steals many a draught of vintage

Doctor - Has his apothecaries in a tribe

Wife of Bath - Knew the remedies for love

Parson - In Chaucer's eyes is perfect

Chaucer - Who tells the prologue from fisrt person

Slowman - Slings dung all day

Miller - A master hand at stealing grain

Manciple - Is smarter than all the learned men

Reeve - Feared like the Plague and rides hindmost

Summoner - Could be bribed with wine

The Guildsmen - wives like to be seen at church

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