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1.Nouns:/s/: goverments, Mistakes, tourists. /Z/: machines, Computers. /IZ/: changes, languages, Prizes.

2.Verbs:/S/: Hopes, Works, expects. /Z/: Remembers, tries, drives. /IZ/: reaches, watches, rises, wishes, fixes, kisses.

3. -ED forms: /T/: Mixed, introduces, laughed. /D/: Suffered, enjoyed, died, refused, disappeared. /ID/: created, hated, disappointed.

4.Tabla: /J/: European, tune, you, younger, stupid, universal. El resto en la otra columna.

5. Verbs: /ae/: 2º columna: ran,sang, Rang,swam,began,drank. /^/:run,sung,begun,swum,drunk.

6./: ↄ/ : Four,door, Organization, law, causes, horse. /            /: No, broken, go, home, oldest, won´t. 

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Law 19983 on