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november revolution: provisional government provides liberal credentials (abolisihing death penalty..) russia= frees of all warring states

problems of the P.G:
great expectations: elections were postponed (due to war) and P.G was reluctant of embarking on a land reform
dual power:P.G vs. Soviets (councils left-wing)
breakdown of law and order: rural disturbances, and national groups won independence from russia
problems in towns: economic crisis, workers wanted better conditions, lack of raw materials led to inflation.
Problems in the army: officers authority began to collapse.
divisions: P.G left wing ( social reform) right wing (law and order reform) may- more left-wing provisional government had been created.
return of Lenin: support towards him began to grow, germans helped them with propaganda, they were the only party which promised end of war, they had nothing to do with the P.G, supported by factory workers, they were a minority group.
July days: lvov resigned to a more left wing p.G which led to riots, bolsheviks took part in the riots, kerensy blamed the bolseviks for distrubances and published evidence of Lenin being a german agent. He imprisioned bolshevik leaders but Lenin adeu.
kerensky: had many problems, germany was advancing and russia seemed just about to collapse. Could be considered a leader with limited abilities. 
Kornilov affair: kerensky helper to impose order. Kerensy denounced him as a traitor and called all loyal citizens to take up arms to defend the city. Left- wing forces united. Bolsehvik leader were released. The red guard as created. Kerensky ended demoralise, no one would work with him (spineless9. Resurrection of the bolsheviks. 
situation in october 1917: bolsheviks had a majority in the petrograd soviet. Trotksy played a crucial role. Lenin wanted to seize power on their own right before the meeting of the congress and before nov. Elections. This was complicated due to bad organisation.
november revolution: Kerensky tried to close down the bolshevik newspapers and arrest bolshevik leaders. Trotsky decided they would attack the winter palace. The place´s seizure was purely symbolic. 
treaty of brest-litovsk: Lenin signed peace with germany although they lost territories. 
Why did blosheviks succed?P.G unpopularity, disciplinated party, when it grew it became one of the biggest parties, major industrial centre and the opetrograd and moscow soviets were bolsheviks, they had some outstanding personalities. 

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